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Looking For An Inspection?

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Daniel and the team at Marin Pest pride themselves on delivering dependable, honest and professional Pest Management and Humane Wildlife Removal. Growing up in the tropics gave Daniel the perfect schooling for the Pest Control industry. Due to his admiration for animals and respect for their natural habitat, you can rest assured that a humane approach is always taken to solve wildlife issues. You can count on Marin Pest to put your needs first.

Meet Neil:

We’ve expanded! Originally from the UK, Neil applies his vast knowledge and skills to each and every job in his role as pest specialist and wildlife exclusion expert. Whether it’s up on a roof, down low in a basement, or in a crawl space, he gives 110% attention to detail to each customer’s property. Neil’s long standing expertise in a wide variety of trades brings a level of professionalism that represents our quality service and guarantee. We are beyond fortunate and very proud to call Neil a part of our Marin Pest family.